Cylinder 6 Misfire?

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Cylinder misfires is noticed on many cars,but to confirm it the cylinder compression test has to be done.Basically OBD code P0306 is indication of cylinder 6 misfire.

The easy thing would be a bad plug or wire. The hard thing is a burned or stuck valve. Check the wire to see if there is a spark there. If so, take the plug out to see if it is fouled, if it is clean or replace the plug. None of the above, check the compression in that cylinder. Take all the plugs out, hold a compression gage in reach plug holes. Crank the engine, get three compression readings from each hole. All cylinders should be with 15 lbs. of each other. If there is no compression to speak of in #6, most likely a burned valve. I suspect the valve.This basic details will help you to confirm the problem.Thanks.

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