Car AC compressor will not start?

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Many car users notice this problem.The AC problems are very common in many cars.
Check carefully your a/c compressor for possible seizures. It could also be related to the overheating. When the engine temperature rises to a critical level, it will also affect the operation of the a/c. The engine control module is programmed to protect the engine by disabling some functions that can worsen the situation. I suggest you focus first on the engine overheating issue and deal with the a/c concern later.
When checking for overheating, look for possible coolant leaks. The cooling fans will automatically operate when a/c is commanded on. But again as I suggest leave the a/c and begin first with engine operation. Check the engine belt and all the pulleys that it drives for stuck up r seizures. It can also be a bad water pump, or a thermostat. The cooling fans (a/c off) are designed to automatically operate at low speed or high speed when it reaches certain temperatures (turn on points like example 105 to 110 degC).
If the engine proved faultless, you may now proceed with the a/c system checks. It is possible that the a/c system is causing the engine to overheat, like a seized compressure,or a clogged a/c condenser.
The fact is that the overheating and a/c-not-kicking issue can be caused either way, but the results are the same. We need to determine if the engine overheat is affecting the a/c operation, or if the a/c is causing the engine to overheat. It will require careful inspection by you or with your trusted technician.
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