How to remove Alternator and drive belt on GMC Envoy?

To remove Drive belt,click the link below:----

How to release Accessory drive belt on GMC Envoy 4.6L engine?

And for Alternator replacing,go through the details below:----
First disconnect the battery. Now try to unplug the alternator - you may not be able to depending on the room you have to work in, so don't sweat it - you can unplug it after you get the alternator loose. You may have a 2 wire harness and an individual red wire that is mounted on a bolt with a nut - loosen this nut before you loosen the alternator. Next remove the mounting bolts, paying attention to which length bolt goes where and watching for a spacer that may be present on a bolt in between the ears of the alternator. Now rotate the alternator so you can see the harness and press the lock then remove from alternator. You will have to finagle the alternator out of the space as the manufacturer does not usually make it easy to get out. Have the alternator tested before you install the new one to make sure this is what the problem is, then reverse procedure to re-install.

This detailed diagrams will help you.

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