Freeview box Connection issues?

One of my Client bought Freeview box to connect to his tv.But his tv was having only one Scart socket.In that socket,already a DVD player was connected.
So every time he has to remove his DVD player to connect the Freeview box.
To get rid of this problem i suggested him to get one external video switch box.There are various types of video switch box,i suggested him to get video switch box, that has two video and audio inputs and a video and audio output that connects to the video and audio connections on the scart cable.My client got one external switch box from Amazon dot com.
Then he was able to switch between the DVD player or the freeview box.
If in case any other freeview box user faces this problem.He can use this procedure to solve this issue.
These devices are available on the Internet, use Google to search for these devices.This types of video switch boxes are basically listed for sale on Ebay dot com and Amazon dot com sites.

Hope this helps.

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