Car problems?

There are many car users/drivers/buyers who face car problems daily.There are vast number of car problems noticed daily.To get car problems solved,there are many options.
Local car auto garage.
Car repair tech.
A friend with great car repair knowledge.
A personal car repair experience.
Online car repair site paid service.
A free car repair online help site.

First there were options,that use to charge the client to get their problems solved.But now a days,there are large number car help site online.This sites provide free help.This free help,sites give you basic help and approx cost of repair and part replacing.This helps you to get correct cost of repair,if you get this job,done by car-pro.

There are many different types of car problem.Some gets solved easily and some require major troubleshooting.Some can be performed only by professional car mechanic or by car dealer.

This are list of some basic car problems,with solutions.You can go through it and get some regular car problems detected and solved.


Car jerks while going uphill and Check engine light is ON?

Car turns over, but only starts, if starter is jumped?

Service Engine Soon light stays on?

Gasoline around gas cap?

Car will not run after resetting inertia switch on Mercury Mystique?

VAN emits whitish bluish smoke and bad fuel smell from exhaust

Car cigarette lighter fuse blows out?


Car will not go into 4WD high or 4WD low?

Truck is hard to start and Emits smoke while starting?

Engine cuts out at 3000 RPM?

Car turns over but will not start, only makes clicking sound?

Catalytic Converter glowing hot?

After getting car washed, check engine light is ON and key less entry not working, tried reprogramming. Also car shows fuel pressure?

Fuel gauge jumps from empty to full?

Why airbag light flashes 7 times?

Passenger side Folding Mirror is not operating?

Very low air output on Chevrolet Trailblazer?

After replacing battery, ignition not working?


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