How to Remove Blend Door Actuator on 2008 Honda Odyssey?

The procedure is as follows :-----

Blend Door Actuator

Removal & Installation

This procedure requires the use of KTC trim tool set SOJATP2014, or equivalent trim tool set. When removing trim components, wear gloves and be careful not to bend or scratch the trim and panels.

  1. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
  2. Remove the following components, as necessary:
    1. Sliding door sill trim, as needed
    2. C-pillar trim
    3. Sliding door opening trim, as needed
  3. Pull the lower anchor cover back, and remove the lower anchor bolt.
  4. Detach the clip and release the hooks then remove the pivot cover.
  5. Remove the lower anchor bolt.
  6. Remove the rear trim panel (A), as follows:
    1. Remove the side bolts (B).
    2. Pull out both side edges of the trim panel by hand to release the hooks (C) from the rear side trim panel (D).
    3. Pull the trim panel back to detach the clips (E, F).

      Click image to see an enlarged view
      Fig. Remove the rear trim panel (A) by removing the side bolts (B), releasing the hooks (C) from the rear side trim panel (D) and pulling the trim panel back to detach the clips (E, F)
  7. For the driver-s side, remove the spare tire, as follows:
    1. Place a hand in each grab handle on the spare tire cover, and pull back to release the clips. Remove the spare tire cover.
    2. Remove the spare tire mounting bolt.
    3. Remove the spare tire.
  8. Remove the rear side trim panel (A), as follows:
    1. Remove the cap (B) by releasing the two hooks (C).
    2. Remove the rear side bolt (D).
    3. Pull out the rear upper edge of the trim panel by hand to release the hooks (E) from the D-pillar trim (F).
    4. Pull the trim panel back by hand to detach the clips (G, H).
    5. Disconnect the accessory socket connectors (I) and the rear entertainment system auxiliary jack connector (J).

      Click image to see an enlarged view
      Fig. Rear side trim panel (A) and related components
  9. Remove the wire harness clip, the clip and remove the side duct.
  10. Remove the bolts, then hang the rear junction box down.
  11. Disconnect the clamp, then remove the bolt and clamp of the coolant hoses.
  12. Remove the bolts, then pivot the rear HVAC unit.
  13. Disconnect the connector from the rear air mix control motor, then remove the self-tapping screws and the rear air mix control motor.
To install:
  1. Installation is the reverse order of removal. Make sure the pin on the motor is properly engaged with the linkage. After installation, make sure the motor runs smoothly.

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