Auto Forums?

Now a days,there is good system started to get your car problem solved.
Previously,when car problems were noticed,the car owner use to go to the car garage and get the car repaired or he may try it himself.But the car owners which are not familiar with car repairs and troubleshooting,have no other option except getting the car repaired by car pro,at local car garage or by car dealer.Some car users just get charged heavy for some very simple repairs.The car owners gets really frustrated by this costly repairs.
But now,there are many other helping hands to get car problem resolved or at at-least understood for free.
This other car help options are.Free car help online sites.Free car repair online site.Free car troubleshooting site.And best of all,the Auto forums.In auto-forums,there are many help experts,who provides free help on getting all types of car problems repaired.There is just basic signup procedure for this forums,once you sign up and fill the required detail.You submit your car/auto problems and experts will give you help.On some Auto forums there are actual car users,who share their repair experience for that particular problem.So this gives you better understanding and explanation on getting the problem solved.
Or at-least you have basic knowledge and idea before taking your car to the repair pro.If he charges you extra,then you can ask him questions about the cost and parts cost.
There are large number of free autoforms online.Basically all car brand and models have their personal auto repair forum.
This is list of few car problems,which will help you to get the basic car problem solved and understood.


Car jerks while going uphill and Check engine light is ON?

Car turns over, but only starts, if starter is jumped?

Service Engine Soon light stays on?

Gasoline around gas cap?

Car will not run after resetting inertia switch on Mercury Mystique?

VAN emits whitish bluish smoke and bad fuel smell from exhaust

Car cigarette lighter fuse blows out?


Car will not go into 4WD high or 4WD low?

Truck is hard to start and Emits smoke while starting?

Engine cuts out at 3000 RPM?

Car turns over but will not start, only makes clicking sound?

Catalytic Converter glowing hot?

After getting car washed, check engine light is ON and key less entry not working, tried reprogramming. Also car shows fuel pressure?

Fuel gauge jumps from empty to full?

Why airbag light flashes 7 times?

Passenger side Folding Mirror is not operating?

Very low air output on Chevrolet Trailblazer?

After replacing battery, ignition not working?


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