How to replace Headlight Bulbs on Lincoln Town Car?

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The detailed procedure to replace Headlight Lamps on Lincoln Town Car is follows :-----

In order to replace the bulbs,the headlight assemblies need to be removed from the car.

  1. The headlights and the grill have a top cover with clips that are unscrewed to remove it.There are about 6 of them.After the cover removal,remove the headlight assembly by pulling up on the two metal tabs on each light assembly or on the later models the few bolts holding in the light assembly.
  2. There is an access hole for a 1/4 inch extension to fit through for the bottom bolt.The bolts are 10mm.Then in the middle of the light assembly there is also a plastic tab that must be pushed down with a screwdriver and then the light assembly comes out.
  3. Once the electrical connectors are unplugged,the headlight assembly can be removed from the car ,put face down on a towel and disassembled so that the bulbs can be replaced.
The older versions have plastic tabs holding the back covers on,and the newer versions have T 27 torx screws holding the covers together.
    4.After the back cover is removed,you will see a collar that holds in the electrical socket that connects to the bulb. mark the collar position with a felt pen.Rotate the collar counterclockwise to remove it.
    5.The bulb and socket are then separated and the new bulb installed.Make sure the collar goes on first,as it will not slide over the bulb,only the bulb connector.Seat the new bulb,install the plug onto the bulb then the lock collar and re-install the back covers.
    6.Do not touch the glass bulb surface with your fingers,as the oil will cause the glass to shatter when hot.Handle the bulb by the base only.
    7.Before installing the light assembly into the car plug in the main connectors and check that the light works. If all is o.k., re-install the light into the car.After that, check to make sure that the lock tabs are all in place.
    8.Re- install the grill cover and the clips.Make sure that the hole in the grill cover on the driver's side goes over the hood switch for the alarm properly.

Check final operation after re-assembly of all pieces.
This details will help you.Thanks.
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