Car AC compressor Clutch disengages after few minutes and car bogs down when clutch is engaged?

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There are lots of car users facing many different problem with car AC,compressors and compressor clutch systems.

And as per this problem,if the system is charged properly, and no mechanical defects, it could be the temp sensor inside the car. (it's buried in the dash) If the system is low on refrigerant, it may cycle on and off. If it's overcharged the high pressure cut-out switch will activate. The low or high pressure switches could be bad. The compressor itself or the clutch is bad. When you say it bogs down the engine....the system is designed to raise the idle slightly to compensate. If that is working and the problem still exsist's, then you may be looking at a compressor change. Have a qualified A/C tech look it over.
Yes, you may be able to replace just the clutch, but it doesn't sound like the clutch is the problem.
Confirming the problem, before replacing any part is advisable.
This details will help.Thanks.

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