how to test camshaft position sensor on Pontiac Sunfire?

  1. With the connector disconnected or connected to the Quad 4 Ignition Control Module (ICM).
  2. Connect the test leads of the multimeter to either of the two wires with suitable tools (the polarity of the multimeter's test leads don't matter on this test).
  3. Put the multimeter in AC Volts.
  4. With the Key On and Engine NOT CRANKING, you should have 0 Volts AC.
  5. Have an assistant crank the engine while you observe the multimeter (or oscilloscope).
  6. The multimeter's AC reading should fluctuate from .5 V AC to 1.3 V AC continuously as the engine is cranking (the minimum and maximum AC Voltage reading attained will depend on the cranking RPM's. Engine temperature, oil viscosity and battery charge condition will have a direct effect on this).

Did the multimeter show an AC voltage reading? (Oscilloscope Users click here for full size picture of Wave Form)

  • YES- Good, this means that the CKP Sensor is working properly, GO TO TEST 4.
  • NO- If you have no AC Voltage, recheck all connections. Try again. If you still have no AC Voltage, the CKP Sensor is defective. Replace the Sensor.

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