How to clean clogged grease drain on Jenn Air Grill ?

  • Turn control knobs to the "OFF" position. Make sure the stove-top is cool. Lift the edge cartridge high enough that it clears the bottom of the basin to remove. Do not lift it too high as it could damage the mixer tubes and ignition rods.

  • Pull the cartridge away from the terminal receptacle and orifices. When the unit is fully unplugged, lift it out.

  • Clean the grill burner after each use with a soapy steel wool pad and rinse with warm water and dry.

  • Unclog the burner ports by taking a straight pin and poking through the holes.

  • Locate the grease drain jar. It will be just below the grill basin pan under the countertop. Unscrew the jar to remove it.

  • Pour the grease in an old container (such as a soda can) if it is liquid form and place the container in the garbage. If the grease is solid, take a spatula and remove the grease from the jar and dispose it in the garbage.

  • Fill the sink with warm water and soap and allow the jar to soak for five minutes. Take a scrub pad and clean the jar and thoroughly dry it. Replace the grease drain jar under the basin pan.

    In cases of grease drain hardened in the drain line,--------------

  • top assembly will have to be removed to get access to grease drain tube the drain tube is on the left hand side of the stove.

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