how to disassemble Dyson DC07 purple vacuum cleaner unit?

Dyson has designed the DC07 vacuum cleaner with simple push-button, clip and tab lock releases for the main removable parts of the vacuum, including the stair, brush, crevice, floor and animal turbo, wand, hose, U-bend pipe, dustbin, post-filter and pre-filter attachments. As a result, to disassemble your machine to clean it, box it for a move or storage, or for simple repairs, all that you need to do is locate the button, clip or tab that locks the piece in place, unlock the piece and remove it from your vacuum.

  • Shut off your Dyson DC07 vacuum by pressing the "On/Off" switch. Unplug the vacuum from the electrical socket.

  • Remove the attachments from your vacuum. Set the pieces aside.

  • Press the quick-draw hose/wand release button and pull up on the handle to unlock the wand and hose from the machine.

  • Hold the wand in one hand and push the wand release button near where it attaches to the hose with the other hand. Pull the wand from the hose. Set the wand aside.

  • Fold the hose down near where it attaches inside the guides at the back of your machine to expose the hose locking tab. Press the tab toward the hose to unlock the hose from the base. Pull the hose from the machine and set it aside.

  • Turn the vacuum around so the back faces you. Lean the vacuum forward slightly so you can see the U-bend pipe. Press the U-bend clip release, pull the U-bend from the vacuum and set the piece aside.

  • Push the clear dustbin release button. Pull the bin from your machine. Empty the bin and then set it aside.

  • Pull the post-filter from the base of the dustbin cavity. Seal it in a clean plastic bag. Set it aside.

  • Look for the pre-filter release button on the top left side of the base of your vacuum near where the dustbin attached to the machine. Push it to unlock the pre-filter and its housing from the machine. Pull the filter and housing from the vacuum and seal the assembled pieces in a plastic bag, or remove the filter from its housing, seal it in a bag and set the sealed filter and housing aside.

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  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7_CtaFcc5HU

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