Two gain access to the control area you will need to pull
the drip tray out first.
With the drip tray removed, remove the 3 screws at thebottom of the front panel. Lift/slide up on the front panel, there are tabs on the top ofthe panel that slide into holes in the door panel.
Swing panel out to side, being careful not to pull the

wires out of the disconnect plug or the board itself.

Carefully unplug the wiring harness from the touch panel

on the front cover This will give you access to the control board.

On models with no selector on the front panel, when
you remove the front you can gain access directly to

dispenser because you do not have a touch pad or board on dispenser.

On models with electronic control to gain access to the
control, snap the light socket loose and remove the 6

small screws from the board.
Pull board straight out of housing. Disconnect plug on
left side of board. Disconnect 4 wires to dispenser

actuator switches.

With the board removed, remove the 3 screws from the

dispenser housing and pull the dispenser forward.

Remove water line from dispenser housing by pulling

straight out.
With the water line removed, the upper part of the
dispenser is free of the freezer door panel. The main

housing is part of the door panel, and is not removable.

The ice door and actuator switches, as well as the return
springs, can be serviced with the control module


Tension is held against both the water and ice actuator
by a stainless steel, two bladed spring mounted behind
the actuator switches. The spring is held in place with 2


The Actuators are held in place by stainless clamps at
each end of the actuator and the two bladed spring in
the middle. The actuators can be removed
by removing the 4 screws and lifting the paddle / ice

chute out of the housing.

On models that only dispense water and ice cubes the
dispenser will come apart the same way as models
with a control board. The difference is there is no light
in the housing and the wiring to the actuator switches is

connected directly the plug in the door wiring harness.

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