How to recover lost sentry safe key or combo?

Sentry respects strong security standards. There is no simple way of hacking a safe if you loose the combo. If there was a simple way of opening a Sentry safe, Sentry would withdraw the model from the market.

When you own a Sentry safe you are supposed to register the combination in Sentry website. The combination will be held as encrypted data in Sentry server. After registration you get an user name and password that will allow recovering the combination.

If you have already registered and need your combination now, you can recover your combination clicking here.

Most owners are not aware and do not register the combination.

If you have not registered the combination, then for security reasons you will be asked to send Sentry request your combination from the Customer Care team. The request must be accompained by a notarized letter stating you are the owner of the safe (form must be downloaded from website). The document can be obtained from any local Notary Public office.
You will also be required to pay Sentry $20, that is what Sentry will pay to verify with double check your identity.

Page is the same published before, at the bottom the button to open Notary public form template.

I know that the procedure is annoying, but that is the only way to get a lost combo. Sentry care to protect owners property and safety and security concerns impose use of this procedure.

Other useful links:

Call or Email Sentry

International websites:

Here US customer care number: 800-828-1438.

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