Frigidaire gallery series electric stove/oven will not heat?

It can be faulty shorted heating element, or it can be faulty EOC also known asElectronic oven control failure .There are two in the oven.One EOC on the back of control panel and other EOC on the bottom.------ Both are to be replaced.The cost is Approx $450.for both.------
But in some cases its relay problem, that you have to check, to check this read as follows:---
We found an authorized service company and arranged for an appointement. The service guy came out and quickly declared that the heating element was dead. He didn't even measure anythng, just put the hand on the element, It's not getting hot so it's gotta be dead he said. My wife, who was home alone with the service guy thought it was strange, but accepted his explanation. When I came home I heard the story and thought it was strange. I did some research on the web and found that the problem has been reported by several other users and the cause is a bad circuit bord.

Called my friend A. who works with industrial ovens. Shut off the electricity and took out the oven. There's two covers you need to take off on the top. so that you can access the circuit boards. One that fits up against the front, then the big cover that is ontop of the oven.


A. did some measurements and found that the heating elements were fine, but the relay that's turning on/off the element seemed to be loose. The circuit boards are sitting on plastic raisers. You need a plier to compress them so that you can get the board out. Takes some skill, but it's not that hard once you figure it out.

With the circuit board loose we saw that the relay's solder joints were cracked. Resoldered it and put everything back together. Oven was working again!!!

Called the service company and told them what we did and cancelled the repair. Yes, I did complain to their manager about the incompetent service guy that they sent to us...big time....

This week, the lower oven started to show the same symptom. Called my friend A. again. We took out the oven, snapped off the covers and lifted the circuit boards.


Same problem with the relay for the lower oven. Resoldered it and put the oven back in. Works like a charm again.



I consider this to be a design flaw. The circuit board is not designed to handle the big current plus it's siiting in a very hot location which doesn't help. This is a very simple repair that you can do by yourself if you are just a little handy and have basic soldering skills.


  1. Major thanks for this tip! We've been living with a Frigidaire Double Oven whose bake elements haven't been working for almost a year now. It would take about a half hour to get to 200 degrees and wouldn't hold temp at all. I finally opened it up after reading this post after checking the elements which both tested fine with a meter, I pulled the oven and check the boards as identified above and the very same two solder joints were broken - one on each board. Both ovens will now heat to 350 degrees in 8.5 minutes! Thank you!

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