Washing machine showing F4 error?

F4 means that the problem is caused by a defective pressure switch. The problem is often coming with troubles in the spin part of the cycle.

The following is an extract from the washer service manual:

"F4" flashes and the cycle signal beeps when the recirculate pressure
switch is not working properly during the Catalyst, W ash or Soak cycle.
If "F4" is flashing, check the following:
- Plugged recirculate hose (black hose).
- Plugged or disconnected air tube (clear tube).
- Wires to the recirculate pressure switch disconnected or not
connected correctly.
- Failed recirculate pressure switch. Switch (black wire, tan wire)
contacts should be open with pressure applied and closed with
no pressure.

Try disconnecting power by tripping the circuit breaker or disconnecting power cord for five minutes. If that does not clear the error check the thin clear rubber hose connected to the pressure switch and extending into the tub. Try blowing into pressure hose and clean it. If that does not fix the problem replace the pressure switch.

To locate parts and diagrams, please enter the full model number, as witten in service tag, in this website.

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