Kenmore Elite Coldspot Side by Side refrigerator will not dispense ice

open the freezer door on the bottom side of the dispenser HUMP ,you have a cover that is held on by two screws ,remove the cover ,and with freezer door switch taped in a closed position (as if the door was closed)

unplug the dispenser motor and check for 120 volts between Blue and White .

While pressing the dispenser lever as if calling for ice.


Try this remove the ice bucket from the door and hold down the light switch and push the ice dispenser pad; do you hear a short hum and the ice door flap opens.If yes then

Yes, you need a new auger motor if you hear a hum but nothing is coming out the dispenser. Make sure the ice bin isn't jammed first. Dump all the ice out and make sure you can turn the auger in the ice bin by hand. If so, then replace the auger motor. Below is a link to the part you'll need to order and replace.

You will need to open the freezer door, and look under the bottom of the dispenser housing, and remove the screws to change the motor.

Check the voltage on pins 1 and 2 of your auger motor.

Do you see pins 1 and 2 on the electrical connector that plugs into the motor? Voltage test between those with the ice dispenser lever activated.

2 other members were only getting 7VDC and it should be about 18VDC. and a new auger motor fixed both of them.

You have to do access the auger motor from the front dispenser:
The screws that I had to remove were actually on the outside of the freezer door. I removed the drip pan which slides out for cleaning, then removed the two screws behind it. That allowed the front panel to slide off. Then I just removed the four screws holding the motor in place. Before you can remove the motor, you have to open the freezer, take the ice holder out and remove the 2 screws holding the turning mechanism in place. One you do that, you have to remove all of those parts including the long metal pole which is inserted into the motor.

this indicates one of two things the switch on the housing is bad you can remove the front and with a volt meter check the switch it should have continuity i have also seen the bracket break so the switch can not be connected. If both test ok you need to check the motor auger the part the ice bucket hooks to in the back. The auger should have 110v to it when you press the switch at the front. If not the auger is faulty.Replace the auger motor.------------

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