how to remove ignition lock cylinder on Chevrolet Car

Removing a Chevy ignition lock cylinder requires the use of a special tool called a pin punch. The pin punch is a small pin that pushes against a release tab underneath the cylinder lock. The Chevy lock cylinders all use the same or similar locking and retention mechanisms to keep the cylinder lock in place in the steering column
  • Remove the screws holding the lower steering column cover in place.

  • Pull down on the steering column cover to remove it.

  • Place the key into the ignition and turn it to the "accessories" position.

  • Place the pin punch into the hole underneath the cylinder lock and put upward pressure onto the pin.

  • Pull the ignition key out with the cylinder while you maintain upward pressure on the pin.

  • Removal & Installation

    1. Disconnect negative battery cable. Position steering wheel half way between

    upper and lower tilt stops. Remove steering wheel.

    trim covers. Remove tilt wheel lever. Remove lower steering column trim cover.

    Remove screws retaining upper trim cover. Lift trim cover to gain access to lock

    cylinder access hole.

    2. Hold ignition switch in START position. Using a bent tip awl, push on lock

    cylinder retaining pin. Release ignition switch to RUN position, and pull lock

    cylinder set from lock module assembly.

    3. To install, insert key into lock cylinder and turn to RUN position. Ensure sector

    in lock module assembly is in RUN position. Insert lock cylinder into lock

    module. Align locking and positioning tabs with slots in lock module assembly,

    and press lock cylinder into position. To complete installation, reverse removal



    pull the steering wheel and there is a retaining screw that holds the lock assembly in place, when this is removed the entire lock assembly slides right out. take the assembly and key 4 the glove box to a locksmith and they can match the ignition assembly to the key.
    Whats an awl?
    Its a pointed tool like a ice pick.
    It comes with the car tool set or you can get it from auto parts store.------

    There are few help videos showing how to remove ignition lock cylinder.May be the exact car model will not match, but this videos will give you better idea, for how to start:---
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