Starter relay wiring diagram for 2001 Chrysler Town n Country

Let's start with the starter circuit schematic and electrical diagram.



The bottom side of your relay will also be stamped with terminal numbering, which is pretty handy.

Test terminals 85 and 86 for voltage with key off and key on. This circuit should be completely flat without the key being turned to the start position. If you see voltage, determine which circuit is affected (85 or 86), as you've split the circuit by taking the relay out. Testing it this way tells you which side of the circuit is giving you problems.

Then (relay out), give the key a turn to the start position and retest terminal 86 for voltage with the key relaxed back to the RUN position.



just take the starter relay out and swap it with one of the ones i circled, they are all the same type relays, and you can use one for testing.


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