how to remove front passenger door panel on renault laguna 181

You'll need a small flat-headed scewdriver, and one with either a torx or star head.

Using the flat-head prise away the cover which is in where the door handle is (on the inside), this will expose another screw. There will also be one in where thedoor pull is, and by running your fingers around the outer edge of the panel (in where the hinges are, and at the door bottom) you will find at least another 2.

Once these have been removed, this is where it gets tricky; starting at a lower corner, gently (but firmly) pry away the panel from the door - it is plastic clips (which are intended as single-use only, but you want to keep them undamaged). Work your way around, then once they are all off, you will need to feed the interior release handle through the trim aperture.

Re-attaching is the opposite of removal, but ensure that all the pop studs are on the trim panel rather than stuck on the door.

Remove inside door panel, they call it the door card for some reason, remove a cover near wing mirror, prise it off. two torx 20 screws at the bottom, one torx 30 under neath a cap where the handle is. Prise the door off gently, it is stuck with a seal and poppers.
Above the door lock there is a small plug, prise it out, use torx 20 to unscrew it fully, (it wont fall out, dont worry).
The small arch shaped piece of the door handle can now be prised out. The door handle can now be slid towards the open gap.

Tools: two kind of * shape screwdrivers one size 20 and one size 25, one small screwdriver (something like we use for electric outlets and one big with large flat head.

There are 3 screws: one is at the botom of the panel, one is under the door opener lever (hidden under the plastic cap, you can remove it with a small sharp screwdriver), and the third is inside the window switch plastic tray also covered by a small plastic plug (at first looks like can not be remooved but it can just use the proper small, sharp screwdriver).

Removing the window switch:

Once you are done with the screws you can start to remove the switch. Start to lift it with a wide scewdriver at the end which is closer to the rear of the car as the other side has a long plastic part holding the part under the panel. It should now come out and leave it hanging on the cable for now.

Removing the door handle:

Here you should start at the end closer to the front of the car and turn it to your direction. Behind is connected with a rectangular plastic to the bowden. You can band it with the small screwdriver in the long shaped holes and it will come off so the bowden cable will stay inside the door and you can completly remove the handle.

Now you arrived to the hardest part. First remove the upper part of the panel. I started at the left upper corner. It has several plastic nails and it takes a lot of power to take it out. One by one it will come off but not easy. I tought I broke it but it came off ater all in one piece. There will be one more screw to take out (size 20) right the one behind the window switch.

The lower part of the panel just has to be lifted and it is held by some kind of `claws`. So just lift it and it will all come out.

Once you have the panel off remove the glass by removing the 2 plastic spring retainers and pulling the glass off the pins and lifting it out of the car door. once you have removed the glass and stowed it safely it makes it a lot easier and you dont have to worry about breaking the glass. There are four Bolts holding the sliders in place remover these and then you can lift out the actuator. Once you have the actuator out remove the motor by removing the 3 bolts that attach it to the actuator. Reassemble and refitt, adjust it when in position to make sure it works ok. All the instructions come with it.
To remove door panel:----

a 20 tork screwdriver a 30 tork screwdriver and a long strong flat head screwdriver for prying......behind door open lever is a circular flap flick it open undo 30 tork screw.....the complete unit holding the window switches pulls up just stick the flat head screwdriver in and pry up.....the front section of the handle that is the plastic handle that runs from the switches towards the mirror pops off.. undo two 30 tork screws one on top one on bottom..along bottom of door is either 20 tork or 30 tork screws undo these...flick off the cover on the inside of the mirror..pry off the speaker cover be care full with this as it can break next to each leg..undo screws around speaker 20 tork.....now pry the panel off its still held by a ring of sealer which is really grippe just keep prying from the bottom up and it will pop off...lift it up over the window rubber all the wiring is attached to the back just remember were it goes and pull it off..and your set.

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