Motorcycle only idles with choke fully ON?

Have you tried raising the idle speed with the adjustment screw on the left side below the throttle cables?
YOU mentioned in your question that" the bike run better with the choke fully on?"
If so then the slow jets in the carburetors are probably clogged from old fuel. These jets have an extremely small orifice that is very difficult to clean. -------

Your low speed jets are plugged, Try a carb cleaner like Seafoam to get them clean before taking them off, if your low speed jet plugs have been drilled out you could try taking the needles out and blowing air thru them, if you do use a carb cleaner let it set overnight before trying to start it.-----Sea foam goes in the gas and needs to get to the carbs, so with the gas off run it till it is out of gas,turn the gas on and start it,when it settles down turn it off and let it set.Hopefully that will take care of the problem. Or you can pour some jet cleaner in the gas, let it set over night,and check in the morning.But if cleaning the slow jets is not helping, then I recommend replacing the slow jets rather than trying to clean them. --------

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