Chevrolet SSR roof will not go down and it reads " TIME OUT" on dash?

Mine started to do the same thing 3 years ago. I took it to the dealer many times while it was till under warrenty. The fix that works for me is as soon as I start to lower it, watch the rear panel start to move up, as soon as you see it move a 1/4 of an inch release the lower button. The panel will pop up about 2 inches than repress the lower button and the top will lower the rest of the way. It works for me and I tried the trick on another truck up a Laughlin and worked for him too.


I too faced with same problem on my chevy SSR, it shows TIME OUT, then shows TLAT HALL SWITCH.-----------
This what helped me:----
with my top not working from time to time and getting the TLAT HALL SWITCH FAILURE..I was lucky to have the error stay solid and the top would not retract at all..I would just hear a click and then get the error on the DIC. I was able to manually lift the cover up after starting the roof cycle and hearing the latches disengage the cover. I removed the 4 10mm screws that mount the latch mechanism plates and found the connector that feeds the TLAT plate asm. It is a four pin connector and color codes are red,brown,blue and black. The switch asm that mounts on the backside of the plate has a Hall switch and a microswitch on it..the red and brown are the hall sensor and the blue and black are the microswitch. What I found for my error was that on the driverside the microswitch which is a normally open switch was closed..the microswitch was intermittanly not opening and staying in the closed position and I was lucky to have caught it. Anyway, even if I had not caught it I was going to change out bothswitch assemblies anyway, but glad to find the root cause for mine..so it was just the left side and just the microswitch..maybe there are others like this as these could have been a bad batch from the vendor and wound up in our SSR's..After the switchreplacement all is fine now and have about 20 cycles of testing time so far.

Once you take the four screws out and pull the plate out, its easy to see everthing..its just a little tight is all working in that area.===========
Took the info. you supplied and found the passanger side switch stuck. I just pulled the dust boot on the switch away with a toothpick and sprayed with a dry lub made by Locktight. Worked the switch to insure it was free and reassembled. WALA, I now have a totally working top for the first time in 2 years. The information on this site is priceless. THANKS MUCH!
FIXED!!!! as per post #2 I found the micro switch on drivers side to be stuck, It would not budge. Then I sprayed it with WD40 and it poped out!!! Top worked perfect now!!!!
Thanks for the detailed help. Fanatics ROCK!!!!!!

A “Roof Cycle Timeout” message will display on the
Driver Information Center (DIC) and the convertible
top will stop moving when the programmed time limit
is exceeded for the lowered position. See “Roof
Cycle Timeout” under DIC Warnings and Messages
on page.

Roof Cycle Timeout
This message will be displayed on the DIC when the
convertible top has not completed its movement
from one position to another within the programmed
time limit. When this message appears, the convertible
top will stop moving. Release the convertible top
switch and make sure there is nothing blocking the
path of the top. If the path is clear, press the convertible
top switch again.
When operating the top in low temperatures, such as
below 32 degree F (0 degree C), the time needed to cycle the top will
increase. This may cause the top movement to stop
and the Roof Cycle Timeout message to appear on
the DIC display. If this occurs, you may release
the convertible top switch and press it again to continue
the cycle. Make sure nothing is blocking the path of
the top before pressing the switch again. It may
be necessary to do this several times to complete the
cycle, depending on the outside temperature.

Notice: If you operate the convertible top switch
continuously while the ignition is in ACCESSORY,
the battery will drain and you might not be able
to start your vehicle. Do not use the convertible
top switch for extended periods of time when
the ignition is in ACCESSORY.
Roof Hall Switch Fault
This message will be displayed on the DIC when trying
to raise or lower the convertible top and there is a
fault with this switch

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