nissan pathfinder shudders around 60 mph when trying to go into overdrive?

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Customer 1:--
I have a 2005 nissan pathfinder le 4x4. I purchased the car new. During the life of the car I often noticed the car downshifting for no apparent reason but it would go away and I forgot about it. About 6 months ago and about 113000 miles it got worse and started making noises and often it sounded like I had a flat tire. My mechanic inspected the car and thought it might be the transmission so he referred me to a transmission specialist who informed me after an inspection that water was in the trans and the transmission was shot. He said this was due to a faulty part or something that allowed water to get into the transmission from the radiator and that there might be trans fluid in the radiator or worse, in the engine. He seemed to think that if left this way the trans could seize up causing a great amount of damage to the engine and possibly the car going out of control due to this potential seizing up condition. Fortunately, there was no trans fluid in the radiator. I had it flushed and everything seems to be okay. Checking on line I have noticed numerous complaints for this year, make and model of nissan regarding this exact issue. Almost $4000 later hopefully my problem has been solved. Nissan needs to step up and make restitution.

Customer 2:---
2005 nissan pathfinder - noticed shudder around 60 mph intermittently for about one week then problem became more frequent occurring around 40-45 mph. While trying to take it to dealership, transmission failed while making a left turn causing the vehicle to stall in the path of oncoming traffic. Dealership said that radiator had failed, leaking coolant into transmission which required both to be replaced. Since failure occurred at 90,000 miles, warranty on radiator that has a known manufacturer defect is void and thus previously covered transmission warranty is also void. Nissan of north america will not stand behind their product and recall the part, leaving their customers stranded both on the side of the road and in their wallets. Transmission failure is an obvious safety issue for many reasons. The loophole appears to be that since the failure is due to the radiator, anything relating to the transmission is null and void.

Customer 3:--
The contact owns a 2005 nissan pathfinder. The contact stated that while driving approximately 60 mph, the vehicle suddenly decelerated. The vehicle was towed to an independent mechanic, who stated that radiator fluid leaked into the transmission and a sensor within the transmission needed to be replaced in order to provide a full diagnosis of the failure. The manufacturer was made aware of the failure and stated that the sensor for the transmission was on back order. The vehicle was not repaired. The approximate failure mileage was 135,000.
Customer 4:---
The contact owns a 2005 nissan pathfinder. The contact stated the transmission failed and the vehicle would start to vibrate when driving 55 mph or more. The contact took the vehicle to the dealer where a transmission flush was performed. The dealer advised that there was no need for repairs yet the failure persisted. The contact took the vehicle to a second dealer and was advised that fluid was backed up in the transmission. The radiator and transmission would both need replacing. The failure mileage was 120,000 and the current mileage was 86,000.

Customer 5:--
2005 nissan pathfinder with 93,000 miles. Had original issue with transmission in 2009 a slight shimmy and once the transmission slipped, as soon as it slipped I took it to the dealership. The service manager at the dealership told me coolant had leaked into transmission and would have to replace: radiator, and transmission at ~$6,500. I asked for options the dealer said I could try replacing radiator, flush transmission and add new transmission fluid for ~2,500, he said it may make it 5 more miles or 500k miles, but expected the transmission would at some point fail. I took the vehicle to local trusted repair shop and had radiator replaced and transmission flushed with nissan transmission fluid and filled with nissan transmission fluid for less than $1k. Had no issues since. On june 6th out of the blue as I was driving home from the lake, I felt the shimmy again, immediately backed off the accelorator and then slowly got back into the gas, as I did I felt the transmission slip a little. Less than 1,000 feet down the road I noticed smoke in the rearview mirror and immediately pulled the vehicle to the side of the road within 1,000' as I came to a stop thick black smoke caming from beneath the vehicle and shut the car off, and I realized the car was on fire. I opened the door to get out and flames were coming from under the running boards. Within 3 minutes the car and all it's contents were completely destroyed by the fire. It was obvious from my vantage point and the pictures I took during the fire that the fire originated from the transmission overheating and the catistrophic failure resulting in a thermal event. The vehicle was totally destroyed, thank god I was alone.And the dealership could care less.

My 2005 nissan pathfinder with 67k miles developed a "shudder" at 40 mph and 60 mph, approximately when the car was shifting from 3rd into 4th gear and from 4th into 5th gear. Took it to the dealer and was told that the transmission cooler (part of the radiator system) had leaked coolant into the transmission, ruining the transmission, and that both would need to be replaced, at a cost of approximately $5700. The vehicle is one month short of five years old, but is 7k miles past the Warranty expiration and has been problem-free up to this point. After doing some research online, I found hundreds of similar complaints, along with reports that nissan was refusing to pay for repairs to the transmission because the root problem was with the radiator. This is a well-documented problem online; why is nissan refusing to do a recall? you'd think they'd want to avoid the pr disaster toyota is currently enduring ...

2005 nissan pathfinder shudders at speeds between 40-60 mph. Local dealer says tranny and radiator need to be replaced at a cost of 5000-$7000. Bought the suv with 73000, it now has 79000. Many others have complained of this problem , nissan needs to take action on their faulty engineering.

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