how to open top manually for 1999 jaquar xk8 ?

Yes you can let the top down manually; however it is more aggravation than it is worth. This system is equipped with switches and hydraulic system that if not satisfied with the last event it will not go to the next. For example if your rams are not fully extended when the top is closed the rear quarter windows will not operate (close).

I have read where the rear windows are to go up upon the hitting of the center console switch between the power window switches. This is not the case when I do this function. When I hit the switch i hear nothing. I looked at the 30 amp fuse in the compartment on the passenger side and-it is intact.

The rear quarter windows should go up by using the 'raise' button on the shift console but all 'top locked' conditions have to be satisfied before the windows will function.

First try using the manual key to unlock the latch and re-latch it. If no results, check the window lift fuses in the trunk fuse box, numbers 12 and 20.

Next you can choose between manually cycling the top down and back up and latched or pulling the window lift relays and jump the contacts. Instructions for manually cycling the top are in your owners manual.

The relays are the smaller double relay sets outside the trunk fuse box. Left and right are left and right. Up are forward, down are rear. Pull a relay and you will see a schematic on the side of the brown box. Use a straightened paper clip to jump the appropriate contacts in the relay socket. You also can use a voltmeter there to verify that you are getting power to the relay and also power to the relay windings when the switch is operated.

You are not going to like what I am about to tell you and that is to open and close the roof using the open and close button. Doing this you will be verifying that all is working properly.

If all is working properly and you insist in operating the roof manually you will need to understand how it works. This roof is both electrical and hydraulic and all must be working properly and in sequence. The switches are 3 located in the header and 2 located in the right rear ram. You have 2 relays and the icing on the cake is upon your selecting open/close command the body processer and you security processer making all this work together. Operating this roof manually could cause it to become confused and inoperative.

To open the roof:
If you insist in operating the roof manually you can do this by opening the windows electrically by pressing the open button until they are retracted, open the petcock at the pump to release the hydraulic pressure, unlatch the latch at the header with the allen wrench, release both rams left and right by applying pressure to the top of the rams located behind the rear windows. Note: do not bend or force them you will reduce the integrity of the roof interlocking. Once you have done that you can now open the roof and retract the header latch with the allen wrench.

To close the roof:
To close the roof you just pull the roof to the closed position, open the roof header latch and latch the roof manually. Then you will need to do one of two things, manually latch both the left and right rams . That means that you will need to apply upward force to the roof mechanism at both rams. If this is not possible you will need to go to the pump and close the petcock and press the closed button this will apply hydraulic pressure to the rams to close them. Note: if the rams are not closed properly the windows will not go up. The right ram has switches that if they are not satisfied you will get no power to the windows to close them. Once you close the roof rams properly then you should be able to close the windows electrically by pressing the close roof button.

see that there is a by-pass valve that you turn to manually operate the roof, now if that valve was not re set i feel that the hydraulics will be over ridden and not operate the roof,the 1/4 vent is electric and not governed by that part of the system, just a thought have a look at the valve.

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