Kenmore dehumidifier shuts off after few minutes?

The symptoms you describe are probably caused by a defective control board. The control board is located behind the touchpad you use to control the dehumidifier.

If you will look on the parts diagram or go to www.searspartsdirect.com the control board is item 4A on page 1 of the parts diagram. The part number of the control board is EBR39204301 and the price is $45.18.

I had the exact same problem as you and after reading other sites I ordered the sensor assembly Part # 6877A30013R and the bucket switch (because it connected to the sensor assembly and was only like $5.00) part # 6600A30003C and installed them and its up running now.

It was most likely the relay board on the unit that caused your problem.

There isn't anything called a Relay Board in the parts list. Is it one of the following;

-Control Box Assembly, p/n 4995A20359R

-PWB (PCB) Assembly, main-p/n 6871A10142A

-capacitor, p/n 0CZZA20005J

-Sensor Assembly, p/n 6877A30013M

-Switch Assembly, p/n 6600A30003C

Part number 4995A20359R, is the part I am talking about.Its a control board, which has relays on it.This relays gets weak and board needs to be replaced.------------

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Kenmore dehumidifier turns off after a few minutes?

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