Kenmore dehumidifier turns off after a few minutes

There are 5 basic, but solvable reasons for what you described. Please pay particular attention to numbers 1 & 2.

1. The humidity extraction level is set to HIGH. Lower it to 32-35%. If yours is a manually
controlled unit, set the humidity extraction level knob to Maximum.

2. Air intake filter is dirty or clogged. Turn unit OFF, & Unplug the
Unit, before removing to inspect & clean it, if necessary. If washed,
allow filter to completely dry before reinstalling. DO NOT operate
the unit without the filter.

3. Obstructed air flow. Maintain a minimum of 12 to 18" of clear air
space around the entire unit.

4. Cooling coils are dirty and need to be cleaned. Use warm water & dish washing liquid to
clean the coils. Rinse and wipe dry. Apply a light coating of WD40 to the coils.

5. Ambient air temperature at floor level is between 40 - 60 degrees.
dehumidifiers do not work well between those temperatures
(Unless, you have a Low Temp Unit). This applies mainly to
where the air temperature at floor level is colder than at shoulder
in basement applications. Raising the unit up off the floor,
onto a sturdy table, counter top, etc, that can handle the weight
of the unit, plus a full tank of water, will usually resolve this


I recommend checking the condition of the evaporator coils when the unit shuts off to see if the coils are covered with frost. If there is no frost on the coils when it shuts off that could indicate a faulty humidity sensor or control board. If there is frost on the coils, I recommend taking the Dehumidifier up stairs to a warmer area, plug it in and see how it operates. If it seems to be working fine then most likely it's too cool down in the basement for the unit to operate properly.

If the unit still acts the same it could have a sealed system failure, faulty sensor or a control board failure.


You can get required parts for your dehumidifier at sears online parts site:----

Control Box Assembly, p/n 4995A20359R

-PWB (PCB) Assembly, main-p/n 6871A10142A

-capacitor, p/n 0CZZA20005J

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-Switch Assembly, p/n 6600A30003C

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