slow jets for honda 1100 shadow


It sounds like you have a restriction in the pilot/slow jets in your carbs. Pilot/slow jets meter the fuel flow at idle and low rpm's. The symptoms you describe are very typical of plugged or restricted pilot jets.
You are going to have to remove the carbs, take the float bowls off and unscrew the pilot/slow jets. Once you get them out, take a look at them by holding them up to a light source and looking through them. You should be able to clearly see a hole through the center. Now you will want to blow the jets out backwards, which means from the opposite end of where the screwdriver slot is towards the screwdriver slot, preferably with compressed air but contact cleaner or carb cleaner spray may be sufficient.
Once you blow them out, look at them again holding them up towards a light and see if the orifice appears to be bigger than it was previously.
While you have the float bowls off, check the bottom of the float bowls for any remaining sediment or debris and clean that out now too.
Also see part number 32 in the image below, that's the slow/pilot jet and part number 31 is main jet:----

Thius is image of MAIN JETS

But you require slow jet not main jet.

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