How to replace front wheel bearings on kawasaki Kz440 LTD

The axle runs through the wheel bearing, which connects to the rim, allowing the tire to spin. The process of removing a front wheel bearing is relatively simple if you have the right tools
  • Insert the slotted end of the wheel bearing puller into the hole located in the center of the front wheel bearing.

  • Use the hammer to drive the end of the wheel bearing puller into the wheel bearing until it reaches the bottom and will not move any further through the bearing.

  • Flip the wheel over and place it in front of you on the ground.

  • Stick a chisel into the slotted end of the wheel bearing puller.

  • Use the hammer to hit the chisel into the wheel bearing puller until the wheel bearing puller and the bearing come out completely from the rim.


  • they can be tricky.....sometimes you can edge the intter tube a bit sideways and get things moving....then dress it back up with a round file when you reinstall it....and a fresh hard round chisle or punch helps too...

    A nice long squared off brass punch and don't forget to remove the snap ring.

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