How to Replace a Thermostat in a Fridge?

If there cooling and defrosting problem in your fridge. Also over cooling or not getting cooling properly problem. Then the problem relates to thermostat.
The procedure to replace the thermostat is as follows: ---
1) First of all unplug the fridge/refrigerator unit from electrical outlet for complete safety.
2) In top freezer and bottom refrigerator model units. The thermostat is located at the rear of freezer side. But in some units its located in the bottom of the refrigerator floor panel.
3) In side-by-side refrigerator the thermostat is located at the back of the freezer side.
4) To remove the thermostat you will have to remove the screws from the icemaker section located in the freezer section.
5) After the screws from the freezer?s inner section are removed. The inside panel will get loose and come out.
6) Many a time the screws are hidden under rubber type butches. So its bit hard to locate the screws. So check out properly that all the screws in the inner section are properly removed.
7) After the inside panel of the freezer section is removed. You will see the thermostat. It has wires connected to its terminals. Be care full that you don?t pull out any wires. They are very thin and delicate wires.
8) The wires are connected to the thermostat by a connector. So slowly remove the connector from the thermostat using a needle nose pier. Take care you don?t put any force while doing this. It?s very delicate but not very hard to do.
9) After the wires are removed. Remove the screws holding the thermostat .In some models the thermostat is screwed to evaporator coil tubes. In that cases take care you don?t damage the tube while removing the screws holding the thermostat.
10) Before removing the thermostat take care you note down the position of old thermostat. so after the old thermostat is removed out by removing the screws. Place the new thermostat in the same exact position.
11) Refit all the parts which you removed while removing the old thermostat in reverse method. Take care you don?t miss any part fitting.


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