Loud noise when beater bar engaged to clutch setting on Dyson dc 17?

This problem is related to clutch/belt.It has to be replaced.--------
The dyson dc 05 dc07 , dc14 and dc 17 are near to same vacuum so the belt replacing procedure is approx same, so dont get confused.-------

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This are video links to show how to do this:---

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This is not a very difficult job; most people that are pretty handy could do this repair.
There is no need to purchase the custom belt replacer tool in the video. It is possible to replace the belt with a long screw driver, a bit of physics, and twisting and turning the beater bar. The key is to get the end piece inside the belt, then turn the beater bar to roll the belt all the way to the pulley location.
You must have a long (longer than 6 inches) number 15 Torx screw driver. Here is a suggestion: GearWrench 80086 18-Inch Long Torx Screwdriver T-15 - oddly I had one of these for disassembling a Macintosh SE/30 a long time ago.
Removing the Carpet / Bare Floor button is a little tricky. Pay close attention to that step in the video, it might be easy to ruin that cap.

It took me about 20 minutes to replace my clutch. The vacuum cleaner now works perfectly. The original clutch lasted about five or six years.


Started getting a loud grinding noise from my 7 year old DC17 animal. After researching the problem I purchased this clutch assembly and installed it myself in about 15 minutes. Plenty of videos on You Tube to help you take your Dyson apart. Now my Dyson is like new again.

Our Dyson was making a loud ratcheting noise when the brush would activate. After a little research a bad clutch seemed to be the answer. With the help of a YouTube video, I was able to have the belt replaced and back cleaning the floors in 45 minutes. The hardest part was getting the hight selector knob off. The Dyson has been working great for the last few weeks. This was a perfect fit and just what I needed.
our vacuum is over 10 years old. this new clutch made it like new again! Only took 10 minutes to replace, so saved time and $$.

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