brush not turning on Dyson Ball DC24 Vacuum

Brush-bar not turning, click this link below:---


In the link there are 2 option, yes and no.Select as per your machine and continue, selecting the options.
If brush bar checks out faulty, then it has to be replaced, foir brush bar replacing video, click the link below :---

Your cleaner is equipped with a safety device which shuts off the brushbar motor if the brushbar becomes tangled in a rug fringe, etc.

Once you've made sure the cleaner head is clear, you can reset the machine. Turn it to face you, and locate the reset button in the red recess on the left-hand side of the cleaner head. Use the blunt end of a pencil to press this in until you hear an audible 'click'.

You can download an online copy of the user guide here - you might like to save it for future reference:


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