A/C is blowing out heat on 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee ?

If blend door were stuck or broken then , it would probably show an error code on the control head, or you could run the diagnostics.The procedure is as follows :----

(Hold down A/C and Recirc buttons together, turn temp knob one click clockwise. Release buttons, then press A/C button once to show any error codes).--------- If there is error code stored in , it will show on control panel.------ It will be 2 digit error code.-----

Most of time this error codes come up. 23, 38 and 52.------
In some cases only 23 comes up and in some cases all 3 error codes show one by one.-------
23-door travel range too small,
38-circuit is *open,
52- door is not responding,
When I got a code 23, I came to find out that the blend door was stuck and that the control module motor was simply not responding to instruction from the ATC system. I later found out that the circuitry in my control module, to include the connection power clip, was still good, and was in fact in good working order. However, when I later experimented and disconnected the module's connection power clip, that's when I got codes 38 and 52, or codes very similar to them. So, in other words, if your control module is still good, but stuck, then you should only get code 23. If you still get codes 38 and 52 in addition to code 23 then it sounds as though the internal circuitry in the control module has gone bad or at least some part of the circuit or circuit board (there are five wires in the connection clip) has gone bad. The simple solution in this case would be to purchase a new control module (they are about $75 new, I recall) and install it in lieu of the old one. If you could borrow someone else's you know to be working then maybe that's even better. However, be forewarned. It takes real patience and an understanding of just what you're doing with the control module (read my earlier thread in great detail) to get the control module swapped out. It can be done, but again, it does take patience and some real effort.
Could be a stuck blend door or bad blend door motor. You can test it by removing the blend door motor and checking to see if you can move the blend door. If the blend door moves and the heat comes out then you have a bad blend door motor or a bad wire. The pink/dark green wire should have battery voltage with key on. The violet/white wire should be a good ground. The dark blue/with red wire should have a variable voltage between 0 and 12 volts as the temp selector is changed. If these conditions apply then the blend door motor is bad.

Also there is one good site showing how to repair the blend door on jeep grand Cherokee.Yours is 1995 model and in the link it shows for 1999 models, but it will give proper idea, about where to look for blend doors and how to repair blend door problem. CLICK this link below :---

Also one more blend door repair link :---

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