Miele got stuck in descaling

Customers question ?
Miele CVA 5060 descaling is stuck
The program counts down the time, but it doesn't rinse or anyting. It will go down to one minute in this way, but it will stay there for over an hour and again no rinsing or anything is taking place.

Experts reply for the problem :----

ok open door in upper left hand corner there is a switch turn off then turn on and close door- next step, only have 10 sec to do this, press and hold on the clear button press on 4 times and the 5 time continue to hold on and clear together a display will appear " Program" will appear press 4 times and you will see a in the lower right display reset descale on off push on you will hear some noise then resart the descale process the normal way.
if this i s complicated or does not work for you let me know.

Customers reply :---

Thanks for your time - I haven't got a clear button so I tried with the "OK" button but don't seem to have the hang of it! I can do the on/off part with the little switch! There are not any buttons really as it is electronic but I tried holding the "OK" spot and pushing the On spot four times, holding both on the fifth time but I didn't get 'reset descale on off' (actually I got 'display brightness'). Am I doing the right thing?
is there "Clear" button somewhere else?

Experts reply :---
open the door and give me the model and serial number please.
ok are you in the uk or united states
Customers reply :---
I am in UK
model number is CVA 5060
and serial number is 13/81487659

Experts reply :----

sorry i am in the United States we say push buttons, keys, and so on Miele makes two units foreign and domestic and you may have a foreign unit here are those steps to descale
1. unit off main switch on -- Press and hold hot water key press then Press on key four times and hold on the fifth until the word Program appears scroll down until you see RELEASE DESCALE press it and there you go you may have to do this several times until it takes remember you are in open code (the heart of the system program so be careful) if you have any trouble call this number 1-800-999-1360
e- address http://mieleprofessional.co.uk
i hope this helps you please let me know how it goes,

Experts reply again :---
I called up miele and Yes Miele did say you might have a problem doing the Program sequence do to UK is different i ask so many times to have them give me the telephone number in your area to no avail they do not have any listing -- that is odd a company Meile should have phone numbers in their computers. There are 4 different sequences 4 that model number.
here is the other method----Press on once then Press hot water five times and on the fifth hold key until Program appears then scroll down to release descale.


Customers reply:---
My problem is solved, this is what i did and it helped.
especially as your instructions were correct but I
used the wrong "On" button - there is the little one button inside, not the panel one.

Here is the miele uk system access:

machine cold (switched on inside)
hold down hot water button and press On (panel), release hot water button
jab hot water button four times quite rapidly
press and hold hot water button (on the fifth jab)
the program appears in the panel and "descale off" is available

Miele are retrofitting a panel adjustment for some m/cs as the descale will not
work again until the internal code is fixed.

Thank you very much for your help

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