How to Replace the Fuse on a Kenmore Dryer?

1) Firstof all unplug the dryer from wall unit.
2) Carefullypull the dryer away from wall. So that you can easily access the dryers back.
3) Removethe back panel of the dryer. It?s fitted with some screws.
4) Insome dryers it been noticed that top panel of the dryer blocks the back panelto come out. In this case the top panel latch needs to be pressed by a puttyknife .this will release the back panel to be easily removed.
5) Afterthe back panel is removed out. You will see the thermal fuse. its a metal barwith wires connected to the end of the metal bar. The other end of the wiregoes to vent hose.
6) Removethe wires carefully and remove the old fuse out.
7) Beforeremoving the fuse. Please note down which wire is connected where and in whatposition the fuse is placed in the socket.
8) Afterremoving the old faulty fuse insert the same fuse of same amp/voltage.
9) Refitall the parts which you removed while removing the old thermal fuse in reversemethod. Take care you don?t miss any part fitting.

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