2004 Hyundai Santa Fe blower fan not working?

The problem can be any of the 3 possibilities:---

1) the switch.
2) the blower motor or
3) the blower motor relay.---------

It has to be tested.-------

Do you have power to the yellow wire at the blower motor?

If no power to yellow wire, check if you get power to red/ white wire.----------

If yes you have power to the red/white wire then its problem with blower motor and it has to be replaced.--------------------

If no power to the red/white,then irs relay problem.-----------
The relay is to the right of the blower motor, feel it as you switch the blower switch on (you do have the key in the run position right?) if the relay clicks or not. But check all the wires at the base of the relay and see if there is 12 volt to the relay.

If you have power to the red/white you do not have to test further.
The blower motor is the cause.

If you have power to the red/white and not to the yellow the blower motor has failed or the connector to the blower motor is not making contact, Try this backprobe the yellow wire when you test it and take a pin, paperclip or needle to slide along the wire so you can leave it pluugged in.

If you have power to the yellow wire with the blower switch in the high position and the blower motor does not run then the switch has failed.

To remove the blower switch pull out the ashtray and remove the two screws behind the ashtray. There are two more screws that are under the lip of the trim plate. Remove the screws and pull out on the bottom of the trim and work the top out with the vents included. Be careful not to crack the trim.

The HVAC controls are mounted with four screws and have commectors on the back, remove those and the blower switch can be replaced without replacing the entire assembly.

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