How to remove the cigar lighter on chevy suburban?

his morning I tried to remove the cigarette lighter housing in order to replace the lighter and see why I wasn't getting any power to it. I unscrewed all four bolts that held the housing in but it is too wide to pull out from the dash. ANYONE KNOW HOW TO TAKE IT OUT WITHOUT REMOVING THE ENTIRE DASH?

NO, the top dash has to be removed, to remove cig lighter.

You will need to Remove the Top of the Dash to access the 7mm screws hidden behind & under the Top Dash.

Remove the Phillips screw retaining the Defrost vent in middle of dash at windshield.
Remove Defrost vent.
Remove 2 - 7mm screws hidden by Defrost vent.
Remove both Left & Right Dash End Caps, by prying off.
Remove 7mm screws retaining dash hidden by end caps.
Open Glove Box
Remove all 7mm screws located along top of glove box / dash.
Remove 2 - 7mm screws retaining passenger Air Bag, inside top of glove box.
Lift up & Remove Top of Dash Pad.
Remove 7mm screws on top of Front Dash Trim Panel, hidden by Dash Pad.
Carefully Unsnap Front Dash Trim Panel & remove or out far enough to unplu Cigarette lighter & replace.---------------

  • Remove the center assembly between the seats by pulling it straight up out of the vehicle. Remove the bolts holding the center compartment with a socket wrench and remove the center compartment.

  • Open the ash tray and use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the two screws securing it in place. Disconnect the wire connector from the rear of the cigarette lighter. Remove the ash tray from the vehicle.

  • Remove the four screws from the center dash bezel using a Phillips screwdriver. Pull the bezel off the vehicle and disconnect the three wire connectors connected to the center dash bezel.

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