2002 Suzuki VL 800 Volusia fuel pump connections?

See this diagram:---

hose number 20 and hose number 21

20 is fuel pump to carb hose and 21 is vacuum hose.


Remove the single bolt holding the tank in place

Carefully slide the fuel tank back to expose the coolant fuel cap. Remove the left neck cover (careful not to break the tabs).

Place a container under the bike to catch the coolant.
Next, remove the coolant filler cap under the tank. Now you will use a screwdriver to loosen the hose clamp on the hose at the water pump. Once loosened, remove the hose from the pump…coolant will flow out freely

Next, remove the cap from the coolant reservoir, and loosen the pinch clamp from the hose at the bottom of the reservoir to drain the coolant from the reservoir.

brittle fuel lines had cracked nearly in half.

A quick trip to Napa Auto Parts for a new hose, and it ran like a champ.

Counting from left to right facing the front of the bike the carbs are 1 through 4. The "T" fittings in between # 1 & #2, and again between #3 & #4, are carb bowl vent lines. These generally go up over the top of the carbs towards the rear. Some end up under the seat, mine go up over the top of the air-box to a clamp on the right rear of the air-box. The "T" between #2 & #3 is the fuel supply hose. This attaches to the larger outboard nipple on the fuel petcock at the tank. the last fitting on the engine side of #2 carb is for the vacuum line that goes to the smaller inboard nipple on the fuel petcock. This vacuum line opens the automatic petcock when the engine is running.

capping the ports on the canister valve located on the left rear cowling mounting bracket and installing a special 3-way hose connector for connecting the gas tank vent line to the existing gas tank vent line system.

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