How to remove exhaust manifold on ford escape

FORD service dept and spoke to mechanic.
he said that although it does not show the proper procedure in the service manual (how to remove rear exhaust manifold)...if he was doing the job he would remove the passenger side wheel and "half shaft axel" on the underside.
he said that in doing so, it would allow for access to remove the manifold (and the alternator that blocks the manifold)

well...i followed his instrctions and the job is now complete!
that is, we removed the half shaft axel to the passenger side wheel. this allowed enough space to get by the 4x4 transfer case, remove the exhaust manifold and alternator.


But in service manual this the procedure.-------------
This procedure is for year 2000 to year 2005 :-----

The procedure is exact same from 2000 to 2005

here is the info you need to complete this repair.


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