where to connect fuel tank hose going into the carburetor on Suzuki Volusia

I am giving this link to the diagram:---
Click this link. and see part number 68 on the diagram.--------
Yours is 2002 but diagram is 2003, but its exactly same, dont get confused, for the year difference.Its exactly same.----------------

Also see this other diagrams too:----

1) hose that connects to the rubber "J" tube connecting the carb to the intake
2) Its vacuum hose I can split into to operate the hypercharger butterflies? It runs under the seat to the metal device with arrows and a "P" marked on it for this hose (see pic below). EDIT: the pair hose (the fat hose running from the stock air box over the engine to the pair valve on the other side) is not seen here; I took it off to glue it shut

1) grey/red stripe hose = FUEL LINE? this is the hose, i think you are asking_---
2) main jet
3) pilot jet
4) Air/fuel adjusting screw??

1) fuel line FROM tank
2) this plastic-shielded hose is a grey/red-stripe hose. It runs FROM the device under the seat TO the carb. The arrow on the device points OUT of the device, so this takes fuel from that device and feeds it to the carb.


This is a photo of the device (fuel pump? anyone?) under the seat, taken from the right side of the bike, which I believe uses vacuum from the intake to suck fuel from the tank petcock and push it into the carb?

1) the line coming from my gas tank
2) this is an arrow pointing IN to the device, indicating fuel is flowing IN this way

This is a photo of the same device, taken looking down where the seat used to be.

1) this is a grey/red-stripe hose that runs FROM this device TO the carb. note the arror points out of the device, so fuel is flowing out this way.
2) this hose, marked with a P on the device, runs to the intake port UNDER the carb but ABOVE the cylinder head. It is a solid BLACK hose on my bike. I believe this is a vacuum line which uses the intake to suck gas from the tank.

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