Pinion Seal Replace on Dodge Dakota?

The complete procedure to replace pinion seal on dodge dakota.

The dodge pinion seal removal procedure is as follows:---

  1. Remove both half shafts.
  2. Mark propeller shaft and pinion flange for installation reference.
  3. Remove front propeller shaft.
  4. Rotate pinion gear three to four times, to verify pinion rotates smoothly.
  5. Record pinion flange rotating torque with an inch pound torque wrench for installation reference.
  6. Hold flange with Holder 6719 and four bolts and washers.
  7. Remove pinion nut.
  8. Remove flange with Remover C-452.
  9. Remove pinion seal with a pry tool. 

    Fig. Removing the companion flange

    Fig. Measuring pinion rotating torque

    Fig. Pinion seal installer

    Fig. Tightening the pinion nut
To install:
  1. Apply a light coating of gear lubricant on the lip of pinion seal.
  2. Install seal with Installer C-3972-A and Handle C-4171.
  3. Install pinion flange onto the pinion with Installer C-3718 and holder.
  4. Hold pinion flange with Holder 6719A.
  5. Install new pinion nut and tighten nut until there is zero bearing end-play.
    Do not exceed the minimum tightening torque when installing the companion flange at this point. Damage to the collapsible spacer or bearings may result.
  6. Tighten pinion nut to 200 ft. lbs. (271 Nm).
    Never loosen pinion nut to decrease pinion bearing rotating torque and never exceed specified preload torque. If preload torque or rotating torque is exceeded a new collapsible spacer must be installed.
  7. Record pinion flange rotating torque, with a torque wrench. Rotating torque should be equal to the reading recorded during removal plus an additional 5 inch lbs. (0.56 Nm).
  8. If rotating torque is low, tighten pinion nut in 5 ft. lbs. (6.8 Nm) increments until rotating torque is achieved.
    If maximum tightening torque is reached prior to reaching the required rotating torque, the collapsible spacer may have been damaged. Replace the collapsible spacer.
  9. Install propeller shaft with reference marks aligned.
  10. Install half shafts.

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