Axle Unit Removal on Dodge Dakota?

The step by step procedure to replace Axle unit.

The details for dodge Dakota Axle Unit replacing.

The details are as follows:---

  1. With vehicle in neutral, position it on a hoist.
  2. Position a lift under axle and secure lift to axle.
  3. Remove brake components from the axle.
  4. Remove wheel speed sensors.
  5. Remove vent hose from the axle shaft tube.
  6. Remove the propeller shaft.
  7. Remove the stabilizer bar clamps bolts from the axle.
  8. Remove the watts link bell crank bolt from differential cover. 

    Fig. Watts link bell crank bolt (2)
  9. Remove shock absorbers from axle bracket.
  10. Remove upper control arms from axle brackets.
  11. Lower axle and remove coil springs and spring isolators.
  12. Remove lower control arms from axle brackets.
  13. Lower axle and remove from vehicle.
To install:
  1. Raise the axle and align lower control arms. Install control arm bolts loose at this time.
  2. Install the coil springs.
  3. Raise axle and align upper control arms. Install control arm bolts loose at this time.
    The bell crank bolt has a Loctite patch, a new bolt should be used. If a new bolt is not available, clean the bolt and apply Loctite 242® to the threads.
  4. Install watts link bell crank bolt and tighten to 160 ft. lbs. (217 Nm).
  5. Install shock absorbers and tighten the nuts to 75 ft. lbs. (102 Nm).
  6. Install the parking brake and brake components.
  7. Install the wheel speed sensors.
  8. Install the axle vent hose.
  9. Install the stabilizer bar and center it with equal spacing on both sides. Tighten bolts to 45 ft. lbs. (61 Nm).
  10. Install the propeller shaft.
  11. With the vehicle on the ground, tighten the upper control arm bolts to 125 ft. lbs. (170 Nm). Tighten the lower control arm nuts to 170 ft. lbs. (230 Nm).

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