How to replace Intake Manifold on 2007 Dodge Caliber?

The 2007 Dodge Caliber intake manifold removal procedure.

The details with helpful diagrams are as follows:----

  1. Properly relieve the fuel system pressure.
  2. Drain the cooling system.
  3. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
  4. Remove the engine appearance cover. 

    Fig. Remove the engine appearance cover (1) by pulling upward-2.0L & 2.4L engines
  5. Remove the air intake assembly. 

    Fig. Air intake components-Air cleaner housing (1), fresh air inlet (2), heat shield (3), retainers (5)-2.0L & 2.4L engines

    Fig. Air intake components-Air cleaner housing (1), housing clasps (2), battery (3), Intake Air Temperature (IAT) sensor electrical connector (4), Air inlet tube (5)-2.0L & 2.4L engines
  6. Disconnect the fuel line from the fuel rail.
  7. Disconnect the fuel injector electrical connectors.
  8. Remove the fuel rail. For additional information, refer to the following section, "Fuel Injectors, Removal & Installation.-
  9. Disconnect the electrical connectors for:

    Oil temperature sensor
    Variable valve timing solenoid
    Intake camshaft position sensor
  10. Position the wiring harness out of the way.
  11. Remove the throttle body support bracket.
  12. Disconnect the electronic throttle control electrical connector.
  13. Remove the wiring harness retainer from the intake manifold.
  14. Disconnect the manifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensor electrical connector.
  15. Disconnect the vacuum lines from the intake manifold.
  16. Remove the upper radiator hose retaining bracket.
  17. Remove the intake manifold retaining bolts.
  18. Remove the intake manifold and gasket.
To install:
  1. Clean all of the gasket surfaces.
  2. Using a new gasket, install the intake manifold bolts in sequence to 18 ft. lbs. (25 Nm). 

    Fig. Intake manifold torque sequence-2.0L & 2.4L engines
  3. Install the upper radiator hose support bracket.
  4. Connect the vacuum lines to the intake manifold.
  5. Install the fuel rail assembly and tighten the mounting bolts to 17 ft. lbs. (23 Nm).
  6. Connect the fuel injector electrical connectors.
  7. Connect the fuel supply hose.
  8. Reconnect the electrical connectors previously removed.
  9. Install the air intake assembly.
  10. Refill the cooling system to the correct level.
  11. Install the engine appearance cover.

These details will help.


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