2008 Toyota Tundra: Brake Rotors and Wheel Bearing Replacing?

How to replace Front Brake Rotors on Toyota Tundra.
And How to replace Left Side Front Wheel Bearing.

The Procedure is very easy for both parts.
There are two 1/4" threded holes into the rotor.
Nothing holds the rotor on. Use a 8mmx 1.25mm pitch bolt to run in the holes to help crack it loose from the hub. Once the rotor is removed and the large axle nut the bearing and hub assembly is held on by 4 bolts. If you live where corrosion is an issue the assembly may be frozen into the steering knuckle.

For wheel bearing i will say,it is tight fit and has to be removed by pressing tool.Local Auto parts store have this tool.Toyota sells the bearing separate from the hub and it has to be pressed apart then back together. You may find an aftermarket that is complete.

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