Instrument panel,Control Panel,AC/Heater Panel Replacing on Dodge RAM?

The complete control panel replacing on Dodge RAM Truck.

The details with helpful diagrams are as follows:---

  1. Disconnect and isolate the negative battery cable.
  2. If equipped, remove the floor console.
  3. Remove the cup holder if equipped.
  4. On vehicles with a close out panel, remove the screws and remove the close out panel.
  5. Remove the screws.
  6. Using a trim stick C-4755 or equivalent, disengage the retainer clips that secure the instrument panel center bezel to the instrument panel.
  7. Disconnect the wire harness connectors and remove the center bezel from the vehicle. 

    Fig. Instrument panel center bezel removal
  8. Place the center bezel on a workbench and remove the four screws that secure the A/C-heater control to the center bezel and remove the control. 

    Fig. A/C heater control removal from center bezel
To install:
  1. Position the A/C-heater control into the back of the instrument panel center bezel.
  2. Install the four screws that secure the A/C-heater control to the center bezel. Tighten the screws to 20 inch lbs. (2.2 Nm).
  3. Position the instrument panel center bezel near the instrument panel and connect the wire harness connectors.
  4. Install the instrument panel center bezel onto the instrument panel and fully engage the retainer clips.
  5. Install the two lower screws.
  6. If necessary, install the close out panel and install the screws.
  7. Install the cup holder if equipped.
  8. Install the floor console if necessary.
  9. Connect the negative battery cable.

Disable the airbag system before attempting any steering wheel, steering column, or instrument panel component diagnosis or service. Disconnect and isolate the battery negative (ground) cable, then wait two minutes for the airbag system capacitor to discharge before performing further diagnosis or service. This is the only sure way to disable the airbag system. Failure to take the proper precautions could result in an accidental airbag deployment and possible personal injury or death.

These details will help.


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