Dakota 4.7L Engine Cylinder Head Removal?

The complete procedure for Dodge Dakota cylinder head removal.

The procedure with all required details and Helpful diagrams are as follows :---

4.7L Engine
Left Side & Right Side

  1. Drain the cooling system.
  2. Remove or disconnect the following:

    Negative battery cable
    Exhaust pipe
    Intake manifold
    Cylinder head cover
    Fan shroud and fan
    Accessory drive belt
    Power steering pump
  3. Rotate the crankshaft until the damper mark is aligned with the TDC mark. Verify that the V8 mark on the camshaft sprocket is at the 12 o-clock position.
  4. Remove or disconnect the following:

    Vibration damper
    Timing chain cover
  5. Lock the secondary timing chains to the idler sprocket with tool 8515, or equivalent.
  6. Mark the secondary timing chain, on link on either side of the V8 mark on the cam sprocket.
  7. Remove the left side secondary chain tensioner.
  8. Remove the cylinder head access plug.
  9. Remove the chain guide.
  10. Remove the camshaft sprocket.
    There are 4 smaller bolts at the front of the head. Don-t overlook these.
  11. Remove the head bolts and head. 
    Don-t lay the head on its sealing surface. Due to the design of the head gasket, any distortion to the head sealing surface will result in leaks.

    Fig. Cylinder head tightening sequence-4.7L
  12. Installation is the reverse of removal. Observe the following:

    Check the head bolts. If any necking is observed, replace the bolt.
    The 4 small bolts must be coated with sealer.
    The head bolts are tightened in the following sequence:
Step 1: Bolts 1-10 to 15 ft. lbs. (20 Nm)
Step 2: Bolts 1-10 to 35 ft. lbs. (47 Nm)
Step 3: Bolts 11-14 to 18 ft. lbs. (25 Nm)
Step 4: Bolts 1-10 90 degrees
Step 5: Bolts 11-14 to 22 ft. lbs.

These details will help.


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