Dodge Combination Manifold Removal?

How to replace Combination manifold.

The AWD models details for replacing manifold.

All this info is provided here.

The details for dodge vehicle.
The procedure is as follows :----

AWD Models
  1. Remove the under floor catalytic converter as follows:
    1. Raise and safely support the vehicle.
    2. Remove the muffler assembly.
    3. Disconnect the oxygen sensor electrical connectors.
    4. Remove the flange bolts, springs and spherical gasket.
    5. Remove the under floor catalytic converter.
  2. Lower the vehicle.
  3. Remove the secondary thermostat.
  4. Remove the maniverter mounting bolts.
  5. Remove the maniverter and gasket. 

    Fig. Exploded view of the exhaust system-Maniverter (1), spherical gasket (2), flange bolts (3), under-floor catalytic converter (4)-AWD vehicles
To install:
  1. Using a new flange gasket, install the maniverter to the engine. Tighten the mounting bolts to 21 ft. lbs. (28 Nm).
  2. Install the secondary thermostat.
  3. Install the under floor catalytic converter as follows:
    1. Install the under floor catalytic converter and the isolator supports to the underbody.
  4. Position the spherical gasket with white side facing rear of vehicle, and install springs and tighten the bolts to 24 ft. lbs. (33 Nm).
  5. Install the muffler assembly.
  6. Working from the front of system; align each component to maintain position and proper clearance with underbody parts. Tighten all band clamps to 40 ft. lbs. (55 Nm).
  7. Start the engine and check for exhaust leaks.
  8. Check the exhaust system for contact with any of the body panels.

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