Dodge NV244 Transfer case Removal?

For your kind information,there are two types of transfer cases basically used.

One is NV233 and other is NV244.

The NV233 is a two speed part time 4x4 case that cannot be used on hard surfaces. The NV244 has a mini differential inside that allows full time 4x4/AWD operation on hard surfaces as well as a 4Hi and 4Lo setting.

WE made the swap at out garage from part time to full time back, and have had no issues.

The AWD is great because you don't slip and slide when its wet out, and the fuel penalty runs anywhere from none to 2mpg depding on your driving style.

Now the Transfer case removal procedure

Replace NV233 Transfer Case on Dodge Dakota?


AND for NV244 the procedure is as follows:---

  1. Shift transfer case into AWD.
  2. Raise vehicle.
  3. Drain transfer case lubricant.
  4. Mark front and rear propeller shafts for alignment reference.
  5. Disconnect front and rear propeller shafts at transfer case.
  6. Support transmission with jack stand.
  7. Remove rear crossmember and skid plate, if equipped.
  8. Disconnect transfer case shift motor and mode sensor wire connectors.
  9. Disconnect transfer case vent hose.
  10. Support transfer case with transmission jack.
  11. Secure transfer case to jack with chains.
  12. Remove nuts attaching transfer case to transmission.
  13. Pull transfer case and jack rearward to disengage transfer case from the transmission adapter housing and output shaft.
  14. Remove transfer case from under vehicle.

To install:
  1. Mount transfer case on a transmission jack.
  2. Secure transfer case to jack with chains.
  3. Position transfer case under vehicle.
  4. Align transfer case and transmission shafts and install transfer case onto the transmission.
  5. Install and tighten transfer case attaching nuts to 27-34 Nm (20-25 ft. lbs.). Connect the vent hose.
  6. Connect the shift motor and mode sensor wiring connectors. Secure wire harness to clips on transfer case.
  7. Align and connect the propeller shafts.
  8. Fill transfer case with correct fluid.
  9. Install rear crossmember and skid plate, if equipped. Tighten crossmember bolts to 41 Nm (30 ft. lbs.).
  10. Remove transmission jack and support stand.
  11. Lower vehicle and verify transfer case shift operation.

These details will help.


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