Jeep Engine running non stop with ignition turned OFF?

There are many other too noticed this types of problem on their jeep Cherokees and wrangler.

In that cases the issue was a defective diode between the alternator and coil, causing feedback (or back-feed).The first thing is to inspect the diode.

If the diode checked out ok,then inspect the ignition switch and ignition wires.If its loose or getting short.

If all that checked ok,then test the Alternator and battery.

Also confirm and test,

How high is the carb idle? The throttle plate might not be closing completely to choke off the incoming air.There's a few that can cause your problem w/o a problem with ignition switch and key switch such as the following:
Engine could be overheating, Hot spots in the cylinders, vacuum leaks and ignition timing off.

This details will help.

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