Flywheel Replacing on Toyota 4Runner?

The details are for Toyota 4Runner vehicles.

How to replace Flywheel.The Flywheel bolted diagram on crankshaft.

Details and correct Diagrams are as follows:----

If the engine is installed in the vehicle, remove the transmission.
Using Special Tool 09213-70011 or equivalent, hold the crankshaft in position.
Make reference matchmarks on the flywheel and crankshaft end. A pin-punch is suggested, since chalk or paint marks may get erased during cleaning.
Hold the crankshaft
Loosen the bolts holding the flywheel or driveplate a little at a time and in a crisscross pattern. Remove the flywheel. Protect the flywheel and ring-gear from damage or impact.

Removal & Installation

Fig. View of the flywheel bolted to the crankshaft-3.4L (5VZ-FE) Engine

Fig. On automatic transmission equipped vehicles, the flexplate has both front . . .

Fig. . . . and rear spacers

To install:
  1. Thoroughly clean the flywheel bolts. Coat the first three or four threads of each bolt with thread-locking compound. Install the flywheel, aligning the previously made marks. Install the bolts finger-tight.
  2. Tighten the bolts in a crisscross pattern and in several passes to the correct tightness:

    5VZ-FE and 1GR-FE Engines: 61 ft. lbs. (83 Nm)
    2UZ-FE Engine: 36 ft. lbs. (49 Nm), 2nd pass turn 90° ( 1 / 4 turn)
  3. Remove the Special Tool installed on the crankshaft pulley.
  4. Reinstall the transmission.

    Click image to see an enlarged view
    Fig. If a flywheel holding tool is not available, an air gun may be used to loosen the bolts

    Click image to see an enlarged view
    Fig. Always tighten the bolts with a torque wrench. Note the flywheel holding tool
These details will help.


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