Engine Keeps Running even with Ignition Key Off?

Ignition is turned to OFF but car still running.
Many others too noticed this problem.

In this case check this parts,

Damaged or Faulty Air Cleaner Tempature Sensor.
Inspect Oil(Crankcase)Capacity if its Low Engine Oil Level.
Inspect Thermostat It can be Faulty Thermostat.
Inspect Antifreeze level It can be Coolant Level Low.
Also check the Cooling fan relay.On some car models is faulty cooling fan relay.
Inspect the ignition switch and its connections.In some cases the faulty ignition switch will actually not turn the car off,due to this engine keeps on running with Key to OFF position.

Also in some cases this problem is called Dieseling.
Your engine gets so hot that it keeps running even without spark to the spark plugs. The vacuum caused by the moving pistons sucks in more air/fuel, and this keeps the process going in a vicious cycle.

Also without forget check for vacuum leaks.

Check the cooling system for leaks and flush the coolant will help. Flush twice with distilled water and flush compound, then add a 50/50 mix of distilled water and antifreeze. This will also help your emissions, since NOx is created in a hot engine.

This will help.

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